Sherwin Williams Extreme Bond Primer Vs Kilz (2024)

1. Kilz 2 vs. Sherwin Williams PrepRite Primers

  • Jun 16, 2008 · The original Kilz was great, but Kilz2 does not go on smooth. Zinsser 123 is WAY better at just slightly more money. Ask any pro.

  • Good morning, Ali and I picked up some paint and primer for our new house. I was surprised that their primer is almost twice as much as Kilz 2 in 5 gallon buckets. Is it worth the extra cost, or should I exchange it? Thanks!! Dan

2. Extreme Bond Primer - Sherwin-Williams

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  • Excellent bonding performance that promotes adhesion to interior & exterior hard-to-paint surfaces.

3. PRO PICKS: 6 pros on the primers they lean on - inPAINT magazine


  • The top performers we found were: Seal Grip from PPG, Stix from Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams Extreme Bond Primer, and Behr Bonding Primer from Home Depot.

  • Stained trim is not desirable by most homeowners today. Changing from stain to a painted surface is expensive. This video shows a less expensive approach.

5. Primers - Sherwin-Williams

6. Painting MDF cabinet doors - Sawmill Creek Woodworking Community

  • Feb 2, 2023 · The counter guy recommended their Extreme Bond Primer. Not sure why as bonding isn't the issue filling pores is. Kilz Premium 3 vinyl seems ...

  • Gotten myself into a fine mess. I agreed to make up nearly 40 cabinet doors for my church kitchen project using 3/4" MDF with a routed ogee edge. Six 4x8 sheets of material. I googled "how to paint MDF". Nobody agrees on the best way to seal the faces and edges. Ten years ago I did a few for my son and I sealed the edges with thinned wood glue. Turned out ok, I might have sealed the faces with shellac. This time looking to spray the finish coat with my airless X5 using a cabinet grade

7. Refinishing kitchen cabinets - need advise - The Patriot Woodworker

  • Oct 19, 2020 · Kilz for a primer coat ... I contacted Sherwin-Williams Industrial Products division local store and they advised me to get "Extreme Bond Primer'.

  • My son has asked me to refinish his kitchen cabinets. I am planning to use Sherwin Williams Sher-wood Kem Aqua plus white for the doors and drawer fronts. This is the product I used for the small additional cabinet I made for him earlier this year. It is a water base material. If I skuff the door...

8. The Best Paint Primers, Tested and Reviewed - Bob Vila

  • Nov 15, 2023 · Overall, Kilz Original is a solid performer, and we highly recommend it for any ventilated interior primer application. Product Specs. Interior/ ...

  • The best paint primer depends on the surface, where it's located, and your preferred dry time. We tested top-rated picks for a variety of projects.

Sherwin Williams Extreme Bond Primer Vs Kilz (2024)
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