FunkyTown Gore: Everything You Should Know (2024)

What’s the fuss about FunkyTown Gore? (That was my original thought until what all the fuss was discovered. Let’s talk about Funky Town Gore Today.

FunkyTown Gore: Everything You Should Know (1)

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What Is FunkyTown Gore?

What Is The FunkyTown Gore Video About?

All you Need to Know About FunkyTown Gore Video

What Is FunkyTown Gore?

The word FunkyTown wasn’t supposed to be related to a normal gory experience. But an unruly circ*mstance brought us an unwanted gesture.

Let’s separate those words first.

FunkyTown is a song released by a personally thought “unconventional” band, Lipps Inc. This is the first time hearing about them, too, so don’t beat yourself up on that.

The Lipps Inc. song was nice, catchy and impressive. However, using it in the background of a gory murder scene has completely changed the view of the song.

Someone must have thought there should be a more suitable version of the song. That someone is Xixal xd.

Xixal xd released the Funkytown Gore song with such gory lyrics. The only lyrics comparable to it is Stan by Eminem, and even that is not as bad.

Do you think I’m kidding? Don’t be fooled by the catchy beats and tunes, key into the words. Let’s feed you some of the lyrics.

  • “Funky Town My Gore, Yeah That’s How I Like It,
  • With the Cartel and we stabbing through your eyelids
  • Looking Everywhere, but you know we finna find him.
  • He betrayed us; we were just tryna supply him.”

That seems normal, right? (Let’s go deeper).

  • Thinking of a way, yeah I got many plans
  • When we find that f*ck boy, we gone cut off his hands(damn)
  • We done with you so we go for your mama
  • Eating her ass and it tasting like cheeto(yuck)

That’s that about the FunkyTown Gore song. This tells you that FunkyTown Gore is actually a song. What is the Funky Town Video about then?

A comment on Reddit says; If I had a nickel for everytime someone has asked if funky town was a reference to that Mexican cartel beheading video I would have 4 nickels, which isn’t much but is weird that a gore video is the fire thing that comes to your mind instead of the actual song.

Let’s talk about the FunkyTown Gore Video and what it’s all about.

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What Is The FunkyTown Gore Video About?

FunkyTown Gore: Everything You Should Know (2)

The following content is rated 18 and is not appropriate for viewers under the age of 18.

The reason for the tag is that the Funkytown gore song was used in a very gory video. The song was played in the background as the whole of stabbing and destruction went on.

Some people have seen their fair share of gory in their lifetime. In the northern part of Nigeria, animals are cut open nonchalantly, and human beings are red with the blood of their prey.

That is not compared to the hell seen in the FunkyTown Gore Video, and guess what? The “goredom” starts in the first few seconds of the video.

Yes! you will get the video at the end of this talk when you’ve decided if you want to watch it.

It would be a safe bet to stay away from watching this video. Here is a metaphorical knife. You will decide if you will “metaphorically” cut yourself with it.

There should be no comments about how you weren’t warned well enough.

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All you Need to Know About FunkyTown Gore Video

FunkyTown Gore: Everything You Should Know (3)

In the video, there lies a man bound in ropes on the floor. The man is conscious at this point in the video. However, parts of his body have been cut off, like his hands.

You can see the obvious naked pain in his eyes, the struggle to stay alive and maintain consciousness. What a deadly situation to be in.

The man’s face has blood all over, and that is because of the peeled facial skin. Can you imagine having your face skin bare and still conscious?

You could see the muscles and bones showing through the body.

The guy had his next cut with a curved sickle. But it turned out the sickle wasn’t that sharp. After a couple of unsuccessful slicing, they resorted to a smaller sharper knife.

They used a longer sword to pin the middle of his head while slicing through. After, they tried removing the “wristless hands” painfully and steadily.

While this is going on, the guy doing the cutting is very careful not to tamper with any major blood vessels (arteries, veins, and capillaries). This is to keep the guy alive for an extended time of torture.

The victim is kept alive with an IV drip of saline and adrenaline so he can stay awake and not die of dehydration.

While this is going on, the FunkyTown song plays unapologetically in the background. This song goes on for several minutes as we view the victim gargling and choking on his blood.

The reason for such a slow choice of punishment and death eludes me. Is it a kink? A lifestyle? (Phew).

The video represents a lot of things wrong with society and the evil extent to which man can be willing to devise scary works.

Despite the face peeling and dismembering of body parts, it would still take days and weeks for the victim to die. I’ve researched the best ways to die, and this definitely ranks least on the list.

(least on the list, haha)

There you have it about FunkyTown Gore, guys. You might not have enjoyed this. It’s still entertainment, though.

Here is the link to the video. You are welcome, guys.

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Whew. What is there to be said? That extent of “Goriness” is not what you would expect from a FunkyTown Gore video. I guess tags aren’t always what they seem.

Still, watch that video, and maybe you might learn a thing or two (if you are strong enough).

FunkyTown Gore: Everything You Should Know (2024)
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