About Us

If you’re like me, you download everything off of the web onto your computer’s desktop. It’s always there, so why not put the files where you can see them, right? But the result is always the same — a disorganized mess of graphics files, documents, trial program installs, and music tracks.

Fortunately for all of us, Desktop Cleaner does exactly what it says it does — cleans up your desktop to reveal a refreshing view, populated by only a few key icons and your glorious wallpaper

Just install Desktop Cleaner, click on the ‘Start Cleaning’ button, and WHAM! Your desktop is clean. Don’t panic now, all of your files are safely stored in a special directory. When you need to find a file that used to reside on your desktop, just use Desktop Cleaner to browse your cleaned files, search for a specific file, or view cleaned files by the date that they were cleaned!

Not only is Desktop Cleaner simple and easy to use, it’s also SMART. With Desktop Cleaner, you can set up rules to determine whether files on your desktop should be archived, moved to a folder, deleted, or left untouched. Pick from such handy attributes as file type, file size, last modified, or last accessed!

  • Clean up your desktop and organize your files at the same time.
  • Browse cleaned files by date cleaned, file name, or extension.
  • Set up rules to determine when files are to be cleaned from the desktop, deleted, archived, or left alone.

Who Needs PC Desktop Cleaner? You do if you’ve ever:

  • Had a desktop that became so cluttered, you could no longer see your wallpaper.
  • Had so many icons on your desktop, it became impossible to find a file.
  • Wanted a way to automatically sort and categorize the files that you place on the desktop

Real Users Say

  • “It’s very easy to associate the file types to folders. After assigning the frequently used file types, organizing the files into proper folders is a breeze.”- David, New York
  • “I accidentally seen it on one of the internet pages i was reading.. download it and clean my desktop off.. real easy..thank you so much.”- Marv S, Seattle
  • “It has been really helpful for me. My desktop used to be a real mess, now not anymore. ”- Vincent P., Belgi